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Catarratto Bosco Falconeria 2022

Catarratto Bosco Falconeria 2022

Bosco Falconeria

Bosco Falconeria winery's Catarratto is a fresh and direct territorial expression perfect for accompanying fish or vegetable dishes. It is made from only catarratto grapes selected to less and vinified with the sole use of indigenous yeasts, aging proceeds in steel tanks for 9 months. The straw yellow color brightens the glass while aromas of citrus and herbs intoxicate the nose. The palate is fresh, mineral and very balanced




Terre Siciliane IGT


Catarratto 100%


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Manual harvest, spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in steel


9 months in steel

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Organic, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The Catarratto from the Sicilian winery Bosco Falconeria is an accessible and very pleasant label, the result of a genuine and sustainable production spirit. Catarratto represents one of the most important grape varieties in Sicily, where it has been cultivated for more than three centuries. It is distinguished into two main subvarieties: the Common White Catarratto and the Lucido White Catarratto, although there are more existing biotypes. Bosco Falconeria breeds the Common Catarratto and the Catarratto Extra Lucido, so called because of the lower presence of bloom on the berries, which manifests itself with a very shiny appearance precisely.

Bosco Falconeria Catarratto is a pure expression of the variety of the same name grown following the principles of organic farming. The vines, grown using the espalier and alberello alcamese systems, are planted on red, calcareous, medium-textured soils located 250 meters above sea level. In the winery, the freshly harvested grapes are subjected to a soft pressing, with the resulting must conveyed into stainless steel tanks for spontaneous alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature, operated exclusively by the yeasts present on the berries and in the cellar environment. The ensuing maturation phase also takes place in stainless steel and lasts for 9 months before final bottling.

Bosco Falconeria's Sicilian Catarratto possesses a beautiful bright straw yellow hue. The nose offers fresh and rich aromas of citrus, summer fruit and flowers, associated with pleasant sensations of herbs such as sage. Nimble and balanced on the palate, with excellent freshness and good savory-mineral persistence. This is a Catarratto with an immediate personality, to be served not excessively cold in combination with appetizers and seafood first courses.


Bright straw yellow


Agile, mineral, balanced, immediate and with good persistence


Fresh, rich, notes of citrus meet herbs