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'Muffato della Sala' Castello della Sala Antinori 2020 - 50cl
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'Muffato della Sala' Castello della Sala Antinori 2020 - 50cl

Castello della Sala - Antinori

The Muffato from Castello della Sala, one of Marchesi Antinori's estates, is a luminous and persuasive sweet wine. The nose is a wine of great aromatic and gustatory intensity, with hints of candied fruit, honey, iodine and almost marine hints on a citrusy rim. On the palate it is enveloping and the botrytizing process gives a doce sensation well integrated into that of freshness that emerges after the sip




Umbria IGT


Sauvignon Blanc 60%, Grechetto 40%, Traminer aromatico (Gewurztraminer) and Riesling


Alcohol content

13 %


50 cl Bottle


6 months in French oak barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The "Muffato della Sala" from the Castello della Sala estate, owned by Marchesi Antinori, is a rare and precious pearl produced in limited quantities. In fact, it is not a simple passito but a muffato. This means that during the drying phase on the vine, the grapes are attacked and covered by the so-called noble rot, Botrytis Cinerea, which is able to bring an absolutely unique complexity and personality. This is a rather rare phenomenon on Italian soil, unlike in the French Sauternes area, and Antinori's signature has wished to push excellence to this precious shore. For this phenomenon to occur, it requires the concomitance of several environmental and climatic factors, which are found near Orvieto, Umbria. The "Muffato della Sala" has an unmistakable taste and aroma, defining an incisive and fascinating personality.

Passito "Muffato della Sala" is composed of 60 percent Sauvignon Blanc, 40 percent Grechetto and the remainder Traminer and Riesling. These grapes come from vineyards with clay soils rich in marine fossils, located at an altitude between 200 and 350 meters above sea level. Having to assess very well the degree of botrytisisation of the clusters, the harvest is carried out manually in several steps, thus multiplying the inputs in the field and staggering the harvest phases related to a single vineyard. Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are further selected and later sent for light crushing. After the fermentation phase, ageing in French oak barriques begins, lasting about 6 months.

Castello della Sala's Muffato has a bright golden yellow color. The aroma is intense and enveloping in its notes of candied fruit, honey, citrus and the typical hints given by Botrytis that are vaguely reminiscent of saffron and many herbs. It surprises the palate in its perfect balance between sweetness and freshness, inserted in a full and enveloping body. It is impossible not to get in tune with this magical wine: once tasted, it will be easy to recognize it with your eyes closed. This is why it has become a point of reference in Italy in the typology of muffati raisin wines.



Golden yellow


Well structured and very harmonious, embracing, with an excellent balance between acidity and sweetness


Great aromatic intensity, with aromas reminiscent of candied fruit, honey and citrus