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Sake Junmai Kamendo Kurabu Takeno

Sake Junmai Kamendo Kurabu Takeno

Maison Takeno

Maison Takeno's Junmai Kamendo Sake is a Kyoto prefectural Sake made from Kamenoo rice, a variety rediscovered in the 1970s. Structured, floral, characterized by intense notes of cherry and candied orange peel on the nose, while remaining dry and fresh on the palate. Pairs perfectly with raw fish, vegetarian entrees or white meat dishes!

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Alcohol content

14 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Junmai sake 'Kamenoo Kurabu' is the business card of Maison Takeno, the product that effectively introduces the elegant style of this Japanese production company founded in 1864 in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture. The Maison was destroyed during the war but was reconstituted in 1947 through the association of 4 "sakagura," a term that identifies sake breweries. Practically all of the rice processed by Takeno comes from local farmers and most of it is of the Kamenoo variety, an integral part of the territory and the Maison's tradition. Today, Maison Takeno is in the hands of the sixth heir, Yoshiki, who has introduced a more modern production vision focused on quality.

Maison Takeno Sake Junmai 'Kamenoo Kurabu' is made from Kamenoo rice from local producers. After the polishing phase, which aims to remove impurities from the grains, the rice is soaked in water and then briefly steamed. Afterwards, the preparation is inoculated with the Koji fungus, also known as Aspergillus oryzae, which performs the saccharification process that converts the starches in the rice into simple sugars. While the saccharification process is still ongoing, yeast intervenes, transforming the sugars broken down by the Koji into ethyl alcohol. The saccharification and fermentation processes are essential for the quality of the sake and occur at controlled temperature and humidity values. Finally, the sake is bottled and left to rest for a few months.

'Kamenoo Kurabu' Junmai Sake by Maison Takeno has a crystal clear appearance. The nose offers notes of fresh flowers and vivid aromas of candied citrus and cherry, while in the mouth it is fresh and enveloping, of exquisite balance.


Crystal clear


Enveloping, fresh and very balanced


Notes of fresh flowers, memories of candied citrus and cherry