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Vitovska Vodopivec 2019

Vitovska Vodopivec 2019


Vodopivec's Vitovska is a complex and dynamic white wine, left to ferment and macerate on the skins for 6 months in terracotta amphorae. The nose is delicately oxidized, with notes of minerals and ripe white fruit, and a salty, spicy undertone of cloves and licorice on the finish. On the palate it is soft, accompanied by medium acidity and fine tannic texture. On the finish, fruity returns bind with iodine notes of great freshness




Venezia Giulia IGT


Vitovska 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation with maceration on the skins in amphorae for 6 months


6 months in terracotta amphorae and 24 months in Slavonian oak casks

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Natural, Indigenous yeasts, Amphora Wine, Orange Wine

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


If there is a grape-variety highly representing the tough and proud Karst region, where the Bora wind whips vigorously ancient vines become one-single-thing with the rock, that is precisely Vitovska: shy and slow to express itself during the first years of life, highly-demanding in terms of production, is capable of giving a unique feeling when vinified as a red, giving evidence of an amazing longevity, proofed by a truly extraordinary aromatic complexity and not-easily foundable in other whites.

To add luster to this vine with deep features are Vodopivec brothers, for years engaged in a production that looks more like a lifestyle choice: in the vineyards of Vodopivec, between Italy and Slovenia, only grow Vitovska plants. In the field there's no use of any fertilizer, herbicide or fungicide and the harvest comes only in the best vintages. For a small percentage of Vitovska, the Vodopivec brothers reserve a wine-making technique that incorporates the use of ancient earthenware jars buried in the ground, as was tradinionally done at the dawn of the birth of the wine in the Caucasus territory.

The amphora has the peculiarity of ensuring a transpiration of the wine greater than containers of other materials, by feeding the aromatic development towards scents of high complexity. With this principle, the Vitovska by Vodopivec rests in contact with the skins for 6 months in the amphora, outstripping an unparalleled aromatic side, before being 2 years in large Slavonian oak casks. Only in this way, Vitovska can show its best face, giving the opportunity to taste a wine as it would have made almost 2000 years ago.


Intense golden yellow with flame orange highlights


Complex and dynamic, delicate, fresh and savory


Delicate Sherry-style oxidative sensations underlying distinct minerality and notes of ripe pear and white peach, spicy and briny closure