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Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel's

The Whisky  "Gentleman Jack" is a Tennesse Whisky made from grains such as corn, barley and rye, created as a superior and more refined interpretation of Jack Daniel's No. 7. The aromas are spicy, with notes of cinnamon and vanilla. The intense, particularly smooth and elegant taste is due to the double filtration process with maple charcoal




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


4-7 years in new carbonized American white oak barrels


The Whisky Gentleman Jack is produced by Jack Daniel, who gave life to everything, and that he was born in 1850 into a family of thirteen children. It can be said that Jack Daniel's is the soul of Tennessee and its pioneers, representing a real chapter of American history, rich in tradition and charm. Currently the US is the world's best selling whiskey, deserved recognition of its recognized quality. A success due to a series of processes adopted from the beginning: the system known yeasting back, that is to use part of the funds of barrel fermentation prior to the start of the new batch of distillate; the old country Lincoln process, which involves the use of corn, rye and barley fermented and subjected to double distillation; or even the charchoal mellowing (ie filtering through charcoal maple), which gives the spirits a warmer and less sour taste, as well as an incredible softness. Is it the case of the Gentlemen, a sweeter version of the classic Jack Daniels No.7, with aromas of vanilla and oak that are combined with a slightly spicy and fruity. Is softened by a double pass filters so as to be a very smooth whiskey and sweet. On the nose there are notes of cinnamon, red apple, vanilla and oak. The palate is smooth and character with notes of vanilla yet, cereals, honey and a hint of pepper. The finish is medium length with moderate notes of corn and oak.


Golden yellow, with amber highlights


With a good character and personality, smooth, round and soft


Notes of cinnamon, red apple, vanilla and oak