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Authentic and genuine Emilian wines: a small biodynamic winery
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 2009
Vineyard hectares 4
Annual production 15.000 bt
Address Via Paganelle Guerri, 15 - 41012 Gargallo di Carpi (MO)

The Bergianti winery is a young producer in the Carpi area, created as part of the TerreVive project with the objective of promoting biodiversity, respect for the environment, human wellbeing and the logic of the short supply chain. Combining these principles with those of biodynamic agriculture and the desire to experiment, Bergianti produces typical wines from the Emilia region with a genuine, lively and truthful personality.

Gianluca Bergianti, together with his wife Simona, have a vineyard area of only 4 hectares, cultivated without the use of herbicides or synthetic chemicals. Great attention is paid to the organic balance of the plant and the environment. The land is not irrigated, to allow the roots of the vines to dig deep, and is only nourished with biodynamic preparations. The presence of a few hedges, a small forest and a pond contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and the health of the plants. The construction of an 80-square-metre cooler room, overlooked by a hill populated with hazelnut and maple trees, allows the ageing and conservation of the bottles of wine produced at an optimal temperature in every season, without resorting to air conditioning.

The Bergianti winery has made a name for itself in recent years with its Lambrusco-based wines, including a Classic Method, and a white wine based on the Pignoletto grape. These wines reflect a lifestyle based on the love for nature and sound agricultural practices, born from the best traditions of the territory, and becoming genuine wines that are true to themselves.

"La biodinamica anima la terra e le piante. L’uomo è custode e tutore"

Gianluca Bergianti