Dettori Bianco 2020

The Dettori Bianco is produced from Vermentino grapes in purity and represents the essence and genuineness of the fascinating Sardinian land. The nose is a riot of aromas of fine complexity and depth ranging from dried figs to toasted almonds. In the mouth has substance and class, surprising for its taste persistence. Artisanal Wine

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Romangia IGT

Grape varieties

Vermentino 100%


White Wines


Sardinia (Italy)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

75 cl Bottle


The grapes are de-stemmed but not crushed, macerated in cement vats without any added sulfur


In small cement tanks until bottling which usually happens after two/three years

Production philosophy

Artisanal, No added sulfites or minimum, Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Vegan Friendly, Independent Winegrowners,

Additional notes

Contains sulfites

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
When to open
To enjoy an artisanal wine at its best, we recommend you to let it 'breathe' at least 15-30 minutes before serving
Large goblet
Large goblet

Perfect for white wines with good structure and intensity, which need oxygenation to open up and develop their intense and complex aromas

When to drink

When to drink


Wine good to drink now, but that can have a beautiful evolution after resting for a while in your cellar

You can leave it in your cellar even more than 5 years


The Vermentino "Dettori Bianco" is one of the leading products of the winery Dettori. We are on the highest hills of Sennori, in a natural amphitheater; Badde Nigolosu is the name that has been given to the micro-area of Romangia, this is the cru shepherd family farmers who grow for several generations with equal passion vines, wheat, vegetables, fruit and olive trees; crops and processes that are carried out entirely by hand. The objective of Dettori, as Alexander himself said in 1988 is clear: "I do not follow the market, I produce wines that I like, wines from my territory, wines Sennori. They are what they are and not what you want them to be". There are no specifications to be met, there are no standard procedures, and there is only one ingredient: making wine they like, and do so by following the principles of biodynamics, without the use of fertilizer or pesticides. This means producing wines that respect the terroir, which follow the climatic conditions, which encapsulate the character of the man that produces them. A philosophy that brings this Vermentino “Dettori Bianco" to be, the nose, quietly comparable to a red wine: the scent is reminiscent of the cherries in brandy and dried figs, the taste has a beginning tannic immediately balanced by a persistence incredibly broad, deep and intense.

Colour gold amber

Scent Almost deep and complex as a red wine, reminiscent of cherries in alcohol, dried figs, then the explosion of ripe fruitiness, hint oxidative final

Taste Almost tannic attack, staying balanced between bitterness, sweetness and the alcoholic power, very long final

producer: Dettori

Main wines
Vermentino, Cannonau, Moscadeddu passito
Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
40.000 bt
Alessandro Dettori
Tenute Dettori, S.P. 29 Km 10, Località Badde Nigolosu - 07036 Sennori (SS)

Perfect to drink with

  • Eggs and Savoury Pies
  • Risotto with Meat Sauce
  • Pasta-Vegetables Sauce
  • Blue Cheese
  • Finger Food
  • Fried Fish
  • Risotto with Mushroom
  • Grilled Fish
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