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Moscato d'Autunno Paolo Saracco 2023
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Moscato d'Autunno Paolo Saracco 2023

Saracco Paolo

The Moscato d'Autunno is a celebrated and rich interpretation of Moscato, rich in aroma and substance. The exuberance of the aromatic grape variety reaches expressive heights here: aromas of orange blossom, peach, herbs and an intense, sweet, fruity and persistent taste, balanced by a rich freshness




Piemonte DOC


Moscato Bianco 100%

Alcohol content

5.5 %


75 cl Bottle


White, with soft pressing, racking and storage of controlled temperature, then fermented in temperature controlled autoclave

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Moscato is the most authentic symbol of Paolo Saracco's production, author of wines that touch the highest quality targets in this "sweet category" typically from Piedmont, thanks to the great vocation of the terroir of origin, located at the crossroads of Alpine peaks. The Saracco company was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century when the present owner's great-grandfather came into possession of the farmhouse where he had worked for years. With the passage of generations the company started to be headed by Paolo Saracco that, in 1985, decided to operate a restoring of the cellar, laying the groundwork for the current growth that now characterizes every stage of production.

The great attachment of Saracco family for their homeland is reflected in the choice of plots highly predisposed to the production of Moscato, thanks to the high altitude and the optimal exposure of the vineyards in Castiglione Tinella, Santo Stefano Belbo, Calosso and Castagnole Lanze. The large area available to Paolo Saracco allows to make accurate choices in the harvesting phase, balancing any difficulties of a vineyard in a given year with the best conditions of another parcel. The result is fully visible in the Moscato d'Autunno by Saracco, long considered the crown jewel of the denomination and the reference point for the entire typology.

The strength of Moscato d'Autunno is in an almost total approximation to perfection, with scents and flavors that bring the typical varietal notes to their extreme of expression: so it happens with deep notes of citrus and candied fruit or finely balsamic scents, anticipating an elegant closure in the mouth with vibrant aromatic recalls. For those who love the genre, Moscato d'Autunno is definitely a must, as a return to the fundamentals of this wine-type that Saracco has interpreted according to stylistic accuracy and adherence to the local traditions.


Straw yellow with greenish reflections, with a delicate perlage


Elegant, intense, persistent, with sweet sensation pleasant balanced with acidity and fruity scents typical of Muscat


Intense and pleasant hints of orange blossom, peach and thyme