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Sauvignon 'De La Tour' Magnum Villa Russiz 2019
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Sauvignon 'De La Tour' Magnum Villa Russiz 2019

Villa Russiz

Sauvignon "De La Tour" is a full-bodied and consistent Collio white wine with a remarkable depth and aromatic richness. The bouquet is composed of notes of fruit, sage, grapefruit and yellow bell pepper. The sip is intense, broad, rich and structured, with elegant progression

Not available



Collio DOC


Sauvignon 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


150 cl Magnum


9 months on the lees in stainless steel tanks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Sauvignon "De La Tour" by Villa Russiz is a white wine from Friuli that fully respects the canons that the winery Villa Russiz wants to convey with its wines, namely elegance and finesse, minerality and pleasantness. A style, that of Villa Russiz, now widely known and recognized among wine lovers that is based on a unique relationship with a formidable ally, the territory.

From the deep bond between the land and the wine comes Russiz Villa, a winery founded in 1868 as a result of the love of Elvine Ritter von Zahony and Theodor de La Tour. We are in the heart of Collio, one of the areas in Italy most suited for the production of quality wines, carefully selected by vineyards and located on the top of the hill where the winery Villa Russiz; vineyards enjoy a perfect exposure, on marl soils, an authentic feature of this area of Italy.

Sauvignon "De La Tour" Villa Russiz born after careful manual harvest and after leaving the juice in the fermentation tanks on the lees for at least seven months, and then be stabilized in the bottle for another 9 months. The result is a fascinating Sauvignon with great structure, pale yellow in color and very refined with its notes of white-fleshed peach, elderberry, grapefruit and exotic fruit. Very fine, suave and sophisticated, Sauvignon "De La Tour" Villa Russiz is an example of elegance from Friuli...


Straw yellow with greenish hues


Full-bodied and intense, elegant and velvety


Pleasant aromatic notes of yellow pepper, peach, grapefruit, melon and sage