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Spumante Metodo Classico Brut 'Galanta Rosé' Ruiz de Cardenas

Spumante Metodo Classico Brut 'Galanta Rosé' Ruiz de Cardenas

Ruiz De Cardenas

Ruiz de Cardenas's "Galanta Rosé" is a Sparkling Rosé medium-bodied, soft and fragrant classic method, aged for at least 36 months on the lees. Mineral, creamy and savory, with fine character




Pinot Noir 75%, Chardonnay 15%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Pinot Noir grapes partially vinified in rosé with brief maceration on the skins, fermentation in steel at controlled temperature and second fermentation in the bottle according to the Classic Method


At least 36 months on the lees

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


"Galanta Rosè" is a classic method sparkling wine from Oltrepò Pavese, which was born in the cellars of Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas. In love with this land, Gianluca has wanted with all his might to raise the quality of the wines since the 1980s, strongly pushing the accelerator on research, attention, perseverance and skill. He is the first to make red wine from Pinot Noir, which would later become one of the workhorses of Oltrepò, firmly believing in the generosity and goodness of the terroir of this area, which is often unjustly undervalued.

Spumante Brut 'Galanta Rosé' Ruiz de Cardenas is a Metodo Classico with the largest percentage of Pinot Noir grapes and a smaller percentage of Chardonnay. The vineyard is the namesake of the wine itself, among the hills of Torricella Verzate in the province of Pavia. The harvest is quite early and is done completely by hand, with selection both in the vineyard and on a belt afterwards. The grapes, still whole, undergo a soft pressing, and only the first pressing must pass into steel tanks for fermentation with selected yeasts and at a controlled temperature. The Pinot Noir grapes spend a short period of fermentation on the skins to extract the rosé colour. Staying on the lees is at least 36 months.

Ruiz de Cardenas is known as one of the greatest interpreters of Pinot Noir, and, therefore, we are not surprised by his impeccable interpretation of this Metodo Classico Rosé. The elegance of this "Galanta" is anticipated by the refined perlage that seduces the eye with its delicate pink hues. The bouquet stands out for its sharpness and complexity, interweaving fruity notes with delicate mineral hints. In the mouth, this Galanta Rosé manages to combine the character of the best rosé bubbles with an elegance that we can find in all the bottles signed by Gianluca Ruiz de Cardenas. A truly worthy interpretation, which confirms the skill and passion of one of the producers who most excited us during our tastings in Oltrepò Pavese.


Salmon pink light


Dynamic and juicy, mineral and elegant


Elegant aromas of berries with hints of floral and savory notes and precious minerals