Gin Canaima

Gin Canaima is a Venezuelan distillate that comes from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It is in fact created starting from the classic botanicals of Gin, with the addition of fruits, spices and herbs from the Amazon, such as the acai berry, the cashew merey, the seje fruit, the tupiro plant, the palm grape or the copoazù, a relative of cocoa. With a clear, pure, original and vegetal sip, it seems to immerse yourself in the rich vegetation and biodiversity of the "great lung of the Earth". Canaima donates part of the proceeds to reforestation in the Amazon and to indigenous tribes

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Typical botanicals such as juniper and others from the Amazon rainforest: cashew merey, the açai berry, the seje fruit of the Amazon palm, the túpiro plant, the grape de palma moriche (also known by the Indians as the fruit of love) and the copoazú, a close relative of cocoa




Aragua (Venezuela)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Gin Goblet
Gin Goblet

The goblet for the Gin is tall and narrow to reduce the contact area and concentrate the flavor profile in a most suitable area for the nose


Colour Crystalline

Scent Tropical, floral, vegetal and herbaceous notes

Taste Of great purity and originality, with a balanced and soft sip, with pleasant sweetness to balance dry and citrus notes

producer: DUSA - Diplomatico

Distillati principali
Rum, Gin
Foundation year
Master distiller
Tito Cordero
Dusa, Carretera Barquisimeto Acarigua, Km 44 - La Miel, Lara, Venezuela