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Vodka Mamont

Vodka Mamont


Vodka Mamont, in the amazing mammoth-shaped tusk bottle, is produced in the oldest distillery from Siberia from white winter wheat with 6 distillations and filtrations with birch coals. It is smooth, compact and round on the palate, with a pleasant sweet finish

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


The Vodka Mamont is made from winter wheat and is the symbol of the inheritance Siberian. Not surprisingly, the bottle is shaped like a mammoth tusk and taste of Siberian cedar nut leaves no room for misunderstanding. The Vodka Mamont is defined as a distillate prepared according to traditional methods for Russian small cuvée with organic ingredients and is distilled five times before being filtered through charcoal birch Siberian containing silver ions. His Siberian winter wheat, the purity of the water of artesian spring dell'Altaj, its specific taste make it certainly unique. A Russian vodka with an originality and a strong personality. The nose is round and very fragrant announces: initially warns the spiciness (juniper, cumin, star anise, pepper), but then softens evoking hints of licorice, sweet almond and fresh fruit (apricot, strawberry). Subsequently, with the right amount of time that you have to grant, aroma concerns from floral (lilac, violet) to the peat (damp earth). In the mouth it is alive with a beautiful body. Reveals a distilled fresh, balanced, marked by hazelnut, spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg) and citrus fruit (grapefruit, lemon). On the final softens mixing shades of cayenne pepper and fresh coriander. The persistence reminiscent of vanilla and rice.


Clear and bright


Lively, balanced, round and with a great aromaticity


Spicy notes of juniper, star anise and pepper, with a finish reminiscent of licorice and fresh fruit