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'Con Alti' Bellenda 2022

'Con Alti' Bellenda 2022


The "Con Alti" by Bellenda is a semi-sparkling wine produced with artisanal method that ferments spontaneously in the bottle without adding sulphites. A wine of pure vivacity and freshness, with fragrant floreal scents on the nose and with yeasts strictly suspended!

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Colli Trevigiani IGT


Glera 100%

Alcohol content

10 %


100 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel vats and second fermentation on the lees in bottle without adding sulphites

Filosofia produttiva

No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Imagine a wine that tells a story not only through its taste but also through the art of its label. That's what 'Con Alti' by Bellenda does, managing to transport those who taste it to the hills of the Trevigiane Prealps, thanks to the creativity of the artist Maurizio Armellin, who brought to life a spectacular label with brushstrokes reminiscent of those picturesque hills. Produced by the Bellenda winery in Vittorio Veneto, this is an unfiltered whole wine without added sulfites, embodying the authenticity and beauty of the Treviso territory.

The roots of 'Con Alti' by Bellenda sink into loose, calcareous soil, enriched by the residues of the ancient Piave glacier moraine. The vines are cultivated with care and respect for the territory and are arranged with different training systems, from trellises to radial systems, ensuring an average planting density of 3500 plants per hectare. Harvesting, done by hand from the second decade of September, takes place in a climate characterized by cold winters and hot summers, but not excessively humid, with a significant temperature range. Vinification follows ancient traditions, with destemming and crushing followed by a light maceration during fermentation. The wine, still lively with a slight residue of sugars, completes fermentation in the bottle, without the addition of sulfites.

'Con Alti' by Bellenda presents itself in the glass with a veiled appearance and fine, delicate bubbles. On the nose and palate, hints of honeysuckle and white mint emerge, with hints of rosemary and acacia flowers, giving the wine a unique aroma and taste. It is a dry, fresh, and savory wine that pairs perfectly with convivial moments and simple dishes. Its structural characteristics allow for excellent evolution over time, offering good complexity in the 10 years following the harvest if properly stored. 'Con Alti' is a discovery to be tested to rediscover pleasure in small moments and authenticity in details, while being lulled by the sweet notes of the Treviso territory.


Cloudy straw yellow with yeasts in suspension


Pleasant and very fresh with a great minerality


White-fleshed fruit, honeysuckle, mint, rosemary, yeasty hints