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Cabernet Franc 'MARA' Bodega Mara 2019

Cabernet Franc 'MARA' Bodega Mara 2019

Bodega Mara

The "MARA" is a Cabernet Franc from Patagonia that expresses the freshness and elegance of the Argentine Andes. It is characterized by a juicy aromatic profile, with notes of small forest fruit, pomegranate, black cherry, bellpepper, light spicy notes and earthy memories. The taste is refined and crunchy, with a marked freshness and a limpid mineral note




Cabernet Franc 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts


Some months in steel tanks

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Bodega Mara de Uco's Cabernet Franc "Mara" constitutes a sought-after Pinot Noir from Patagonia with a refreshing and juicy character. Mara de Uco represents one of the projects initiated by winemaker Ernesto Catena, eldest son of Nicolas Catena Zapata, owner of the well-known Argentine winery Catena Zapata. The "mará" is a mammal characteristic of Argentine fauna whose features resemble those of the hare, which is why it is also called the Patagonian hare. In addition to inspiring the winery's name, this cute animal is also depicted on the label.

Bodega Mara de Uco "Mara" Cabernet Franc consists of the pure variety of the same name grown in the rigid climate of Patagonia, more specifically in the Rio Negro area that is characterized by the influence of strong and constant winds. Once optimal ripeness is reached, the grapes are harvested and then vinified in red, with alcoholic fermentation conducted exclusively by the yeasts present on the berries and in the cellar environment. Maturation continues for a few months and is carried out in stainless steel tanks. 

Patagonia's Cabernet Franc  "Mara" Mara de Uco is produced in very limited quantities. In the glass it reveals a ruby red color with purplish highlights. Fragrant the olfactory panorama defined by scents of blackberry, blueberry and violet, which blend with deep memories of earth and spices. The sip is agile and dynamic, fresh and crisp, with delicate tannins that prelude the finish rich in returns consistent with the nose. With its refined and flowing nature, this Argentine Cabernet Franc goes well with a wide range of dishes, such as roasted, stewed or grilled meats, savory first courses or even aged cheeses and cured meats.


Red ruby with violet scents


Crunchy, fresh, agile and dynamic, with delicate tannins


Notes of blackberry, blueberry, spices and earthy flavors