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White 'G' Barraco 2022

White 'G' Barraco 2022


The White 'G' by Barraco is an intense and complex white wine, a deep expression of wine from old vines. It is warm and structured, rich and enveloping, with hints of sea, citrus fruits and toasted nuts. A wine of great character!




White Grapes


Alcohol content

13 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel and maceration on skins for 36-72 hours. Minimum addition of sulfur dioxide only at bottling: 25 mg/l

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Macerated on grape peel, No added sulfites or minimum, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The White wine 'G' by Barraco is a masterpiece in Sicily's organic winemaking. Nino Barraco is a young winemaker wise enough to impress you every time you face a conversation with him. His life followed a full path rich of passions before joining the world of wine about ten years ago, that have helped to make Nino one of the most important and active figures of Sicily. He is an artisan-winemaker, he uses the wine as an expression of the culture of his region; that’s why he creates high quality wines which respect the vocation of climate and soil of his terroir. The company that now Nino directs, aided by his father, has made this as a rule and the wines produced are only from grapes typical of Sicilian history. The wine, as declares Nino Barraco, should not be an expression of impersonal perfection; the wines have to be the liquid summary of a real world, recognizable by its complexity and its character. This is how the Barraco white 'G' is created, a wine that tells you all the richness of the scents of the mediterranean scrub. This full taste white wine, with a dynamic vitality, makes a unique tasting; fresh with savory notes and pleasantly reminiscent of the proximity of Barraco’s vineyards to the sea. The White 'G' Barraco surprises by the clarity of expression of fruity notes, able to entice the drink, made even more interesting by an irreverent final, being at the same time refined. This wine Barraco is a story of the authenticity of a terroir, made sublime by the passion and sensitivity of an artist of the landscape that excites us in every sip.


Deep golden yellow


Full-bodied and elegant, with pleasant notes iodine, and complex character


Balanced and pleasant in the mineral notes, deep and intense, with a hint of apricot, fresh apple and white peach on the finish