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Merlot 'Rebel' Maurer Oszkar 2020

Merlot 'Rebel' Maurer Oszkar 2020

Maurer Oszkar

Merlot 'Rebel' Maurer Oszkar is a Merlot-based red wine made in Serbia, on the banks of the Danube River. It ages 12 months in large oak barrels, which give it smoothness and pleasant spicy flavors. Ripe red fruit notes and pleasant hints of herbs stand out on the nose, while the sip is warm and enveloping, supported by fine, well-integrated tannins. An excellent wine for exploring, one sip at a time, the surprising wine scene of Eastern Europe




Merlot 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


12 months in used oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts, No added sulfites or minimum

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Maurer Oszkar's Merlot 'Rebel' is an intense, rich red. It is made from the famous Bordeaux grape variety, cultivated in the land of Serbia, where it has adapted very well and gives wines of excellent quality. The region can boast a very old tradition in the field of viticulture, dating back to the rule of the ancient Romans. Since then, the vine has always been part of the culture of the area, and Maurer Oszkar has decided to enhance this tradition with a natural approach and with the aim of producing wines with an authentic character, a true reflection of the land. Merlot expresses this philosophy perfectly, with its pleasantly fragrant and fruity aromas.

Rebel' Merlot is produced by the Maurer Oszkar winery, which owns a 16-hectare estate divided into two estates in different parts of Serbia. Some of the vineyards are located in the Srem area, on the slopes of the Fruska Gora mountain range, which stretches from east to west for 80 kilometres, with a height of over 500 metres. The soils in this area are of various composition, volcanic, alluvial or sedimentary. The property located in the Subotica region, on the other hand, is characterised by sandy soils resting on deeper loess layers of clay, limestone and crushed stone. The entire estate is managed according to organic farming principles, without the use of chemicals. The Merlot grapes are fermented spontaneously only through the action of indigenous yeasts in open wooden vats. The wine matures for about a year in used Hungarian oak barrels and is bottled by gravity, without or with minimal addition of sulphites.

The red Merlot 'Rebel' from the Serbian Maurer Oszkar estate interprets the best varietal characteristics of the noble Bordeaux grape variety in the sign of immediate drinking pleasure. To the eye, it has a dark garnet red colour with purple reflections. The bouquet offers intense aromas of ripe cherries, small dark berries, red-fleshed plums and delicately spicy hints. Full-bodied, it is supported by a ripe and well-integrated tannic texture to an enveloping and rich fruit, still fragrant and juicy. The finish is fresh and with good taste persistence.


Garnet red with violet hues


Juicy, warm, with soft, well-integrated tannins


Notes of ripe red fruit, plum, spicy nuances and delicate hints of herbs