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Franciacorta Brut Grande Cuvée 'Alma' Bellavista
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Franciacorta Brut Grande Cuvée 'Alma' Bellavista


"Alma" by Bellavista is a Franciacorta Brut full of floral and fruity hints, slightly vanilla, with good flavor and freshness. With a elegant perlage, it is aged for 36 months on the lees. One of the reference sparkling wines for all lovers of the Italian classic method




Franciacorta DOCG


Chardonnay 77%, Pinot Nero 22%, Pinot Bianco 1%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


First fermentation in steekl tanks, with aging in white oak casks for the 35%, selection of at least 75 reserve wines and second fermentation in bottle according to the Traditional Methods


36 months on the lees

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Bellavista's Franciacorta Alma is a guarantee of absolute quality, one of the most symbolic expressions of that strip of land that stretches from Lake Iseo to the foothills of the Po Valley. We find ourselves, precisely, in the heart of Franciacorta where the Bellavista winery, with its 190 hectares and its glorious past, is one of the most historic and famous realities of the area. Alma is Bellavista and Bellavista is Alma: a cuvée that is the symbol and emblem of the winery. It is a pearl of rare beauty, not so much for being prestigious and important, but because it embodies the essence of the winery, paying homage to the land in which the family has put down roots, protecting and loving them. It is therefore a label of the heart, which like few others succeeds in expressing the pure and authentic tradition of the family.

The Franciacorta Brut Grande Cuvée Alma Bellavista is the result of the union of over thirty selections from a hundred plots of land scattered throughout the area. Obtained from 77% Chardonnay, 22% Pinot Noir and 1% Pinot Blanc, it expresses in the glass the extraordinary potential of Italian bubbles and once again confirms the constant growth of bottles produced in this happy corner of Lombardy. The 36-month refinement on yeasts gives it delicate scents, giving the impression of a bubbly that is perfect for any festive occasion and, at the same time, capable of adapting marvellously to the whole meal.

Alma Bellavista immediately wins you over with its straw-yellow dress, refined perlage and persuasive, rich white mousse. The fragrant and intense bouquet, typical of Metodo Classico wines, is inviting and persistent, delicate and enveloping. A compact core of citrus, hay and honey embraces hints of bread crust and yeasty memories. In the mouth, the incessant perlage and fine olfactory scents merge into a single, intense and beautiful sensation, driven by an intoxicating freshness. Our invitation is to try to express in your own words the emotion conveyed by this Brut made in Franciacorta. We suggest just one: Bellavista. And perhaps it encapsulates all the merit of this bottle.


Straw yellow with green highlights and fine bubbles


Harmonic and with good sapidity, with notes of flowers, fruits and vanilla


Hints of white flowers and ripe fruit, with notes of vanilla