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Pinot Grigio 'Sot Lis Rivis' Ronco del Gelso 2022
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Pinot Grigio 'Sot Lis Rivis' Ronco del Gelso 2022

Ronco del Gelso

"Sot Lis Rivis" is a Pinot Grigio rich and fruity, aged for 12 months in large oak barrels. Yellow fruit, plums and almonds combine with spicy and balsamic nuances in a warm, soft, savory, elegant and persistent palate

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Friuli Isonzo DOC


Pinot Grigio 100%


Alcohol content

14 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation at controlled temperature of 19 ° C with selected yeasts


aging in oak barrels for 12 months

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Pinot Grigio "Sot Lis Rivis" by Ronco del Gelso owes its name to the vineyard of origin, in the locality planted in location Sot Lis Rivis. This Pinot Grigio is a really rich wine, in which the passage in new oak barrels never gives an aromatic structure that diversity in itself does not possess. The will of George Badin in fact, at the head of Ronco del Gelso, was precisely to give unique characteristics to this type of grapes, and in the field of Cormons found lifeblood to grow to perfection. The harvest for this "Sot Lis Rivis" is performed as late as possible, to try to exploit a particular feature of grapes Pinot Grigio, which when ripe, if left in the plant loses water weight, and thus concentrating the fruity. Although this Pinot Grigio is the result of accurate and precise choices of Giorgio Badin that, animated by a sincere passion for its vineyards, has set his work in the vineyard to fight the use of pest management. The result in the "Sot Lis Rivis" is a balanced wine with good freshness and a body supported by the flavor. The push alcohol is clearly present but never burning, on the contrary, helps to give sweetness with a fruit labeled and a citrus sensations. A complex wine, but really up to the expectations that we have used to expect of this small and beautiful reality of Friuli.


Brilliant straw yellow with golden highlights


Hot and tangy, soft and persistent


Fruity aromas of ripe pear, pineapple, yellow plum and almond salad with balsamic and lactic notes