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Champagne Rosé Brut 'Tolerance' Franck Pascal
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Champagne Rosé Brut 'Tolerance' Franck Pascal

Pascal Franck

The Champagne Rosé  "Tolerance" by Franck Pascal is rich, elegant and complex. It comes from the 3 typical Champagne grape varieties and matures on the lees in the bottle for 40 months. Notes of red citrus, spice and fruit blend into a crisp, fresh and persuasive body, smooth and very balanced




Champagne AOC


Pinot Meunier 58%, Pinot Nero 39%, Chardonnay 3%


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Champagne produced by the Champenoise method with a second fermentation in the bottle


40 months on the lees in bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Recoltant Manipulant, Independent Winegrowners, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites
Collection bottle, no discounts


Franck Pascal's "Tolerance" Champagne is an appealing and balanced rosé that opens a door directly onto a path of endless enjoyability and pleasantness. The name on the label may seem curious, but it becomes absolutely coherent after understanding Franck's ideas. Who has switched to biodynamics since 2004 and sees his vines as part of a larger organism that includes soil and environment in an ongoing interaction that must be safeguarded. And so, too, "Tolerance" is a quality that allows one to juggle patience in the vineyard and cellar, to understand, after careful observation, the mechanisms that govern plants and the ecosystem.

Champagne Rosé Brut "Tolerance" is a blend of 3 types of grape varieties: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and, for a small percentage, Chardonnay. The first two are the principles of the Vallée de la Marne, where Pascal's vineyards are located, spread over 5 communes and based in Baslieux sous Chatillon. The grapes are grown using experimental methods whose cardinal principle is to go beyond the elimination of chemicals: finding the most suitable solutions using what nature provides is the goal. The clay soils preserve vines that are between 15 and 40 years old, only indigenous yeasts are used, and neither filtration nor racking is implemented. The stay on the lees is 40 months.

In Franck Pascal's Champagne Rosé, there is a glimpse every year of the possibility of improvement because there is an impressive positive escalation over time. This translates, in the glass, into a tension in the mouth that leads one to want to discover it better. Already the colour is intriguing, with its coppery pink crossed by a fine and elegant perlage. On the nose come notes of red citrus fruit that fade into puffs of spice on an intense mineral carpet. Tasting it, although the first impression is related to genuine austerity, one is overwhelmed by its liquid embrace, which becomes elegant and vital. It really has to be said that, to appreciate this Champagne Rosé, it is not then necessary to be very tolerant!


Auburn pink with fine perlage


Sliding and elegant, attractive and persuasive, austere


Notes of citrus and spice red, with a mineral finish