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Mezcal Joven Nuestra Soledad La Compania Ejutla

Mezcal Joven Nuestra Soledad La Compania Ejutla

Nuestra Soledad

The Mezcal Joven Nuestra Soledad is born from the juice of the espadin agaves of the territory of Oaxaca, obtained by cooking in traditional well furnaces, left to ferment in open oak barrels and distilled twice. The taste is soft, full-bodied and round, with intense citrus, earthy and spicy notes

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


The Mezcal Nuestra Soledad has ancient origins. Even before the arrival of the conquerors agave, from which we get the mezcal, grew in abundance in the state of Oaxaca and had great importance in the diet of the people who used the juice. Right from its distillation was born on mezcal, which the region of Oaxaca is a true manufacturing district: different organizations and several manufacturers, in fact, work together in the preparation of the distillate, one of the oldest in the world. To realize the producers cut agave leaves to isolate the "heart" that is harvested, roasted in underground ovens for several hours and then ground with mills animal traction. The juice and the fibers obtained are fermented and then distilled. The result is a liquor intense, with notes vegetables and smoked, which takes on different characteristics depending on the variety of agave, the processing method and aging period. The Mezcal Nuestra Soledad (a name that pays homage to Our Lady the Virgin of Solitude, the patron saint of the city of Oaxaca) was born from an ancient craft tradition that preserves and Maintain the secular methods of cultivation and production of this magical elixir. It consists of agave cultivated Agave de Cortes & El Jolgorio, manufacturers in the heart of Oaxaca, the city par excellence of Mexican mezcal. The Nuestra Soledad brings the landscape in which it is produced, its flavors and aromas characteristic, reflecting the differences between distilleries, soil, local water sources, wood used and, of course, the hand of the master Mezcalero. The color is clear and the nose very charming smoky and earthy tones. The taste will enhance the typical notes smoked and drink comes out the sweetness typical agave that the final veers a bit bitter and astringent.


Clear and bright amber


With a beautiful freshness and tannins, intriguing, intense


Intense smoky notes, smoky and earthy