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Tre Filer' Ca' dei Frati 2020 - 37.5cl

Tre Filer' Ca' dei Frati 2020 - 37.5cl

Ca' dei Frati

"Tre Filer" is a sweet wine passito that beautifully balances notes of sweetness, tanginess and freshness. 90 days of drying in fruit lofts give it that bouquet of dried fruits and honey and that enveloping, intriguing, but never cloying taste




White grapes


Alcohol content

13 %


37.5 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Ca' dei Frati's "Tre Filer" is a passito of great class, which could be summed up in the term "balance". It is precisely in the harmonious balance between sweetness and freshness, also supported by savoriness, that the elegance and fabric of this passito are highlighted. The "Tre Filer," in that sip marked by pleasantness and complexity, carries within itself the warmth of the autumn sun, which gently concentrates the aromas and sugars of the drying berries. It is the result of fieldwork managed with great respect for nature and the environment, which then translates into grapes with strong varietal and territorial expression.

The passito "Tre filer," which in Lombard dialect means three rows, is made by the famous Ca' dei Frati winery, which owns plots in the Sirmione area, and in the Desenzano del Garda area. Both have predominantly limestone soils, with the presence of clay. Following harvest, the clusters are placed in appassimento on racks for a period of 90 days. Fermentation takes place partly in steel and partly in barriques. Once maturation is complete, it is ready to debut on the market.

Ca' dei Frati "Tre Filer" presents a beautiful bright golden yellow colour. Its bouquet is articulated in a sweet complexity, made of exotic fruit, ripe yellow fruit, candied citrus peel, honey and dried fruit. The entry into the mouth showcases a fresh vein and an equally clear and lively savoury one, perfectly complementing the sugary softness. This gustatory facet allows it to accompany cheeses as well as pastry-based desserts.


Shining golden yellow


Balanced and smooth, slightly offsetting the freshness with the sweet notes of honey


Fruity notes of ripe exotic fruit and candied peel of citrus with pleasant sea and honey aromas