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Blaufrankisch Rosé 'Intra! The Wild' Kolfok 2021

Blaufrankisch Rosé 'Intra! The Wild' Kolfok 2021


"Intra! The Wild" is an Austrian rosé wine that expresses the territory of Burgenland in an authentic way. The nose offers a very characteristic olfactory profile made of notes of berries, spices and flavors of aromatic herbs. The palate has great vitality and dynamism, with a fresh and flowing sip

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Blaufrankisch 100%


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with whole berry maceration for 8 weeks


Some months in large wood barrels of 1200 litres

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Blaufrankisch Rosé "Intra! The Wild" from Kolfok is produced by Stefan Wellanschitz who in 2013 decided to get away from the family business to create his own reality, choosing to adopt winemaking and vine cultivation methods that are totally respectful of the raw material, of the plants and of the ecosystem with minimal human intervention in the vineyard. The choice of the winery's name "Kolfok" is interesting: in Austrian it means someone who decides not to follow common thinking and form his own opinion.

The vineyards of Blaufrankisch Rosé "Intra! The Wild" from Kolfok are situated on soils of varied composition: clay, slate with volcanic origins, giving birth to wines with character and good structure. The altitude is between 280 and 500 meters above sea level; the climate is mainly continental with high, sultry temperatures in summer and snowy winters prone to frequent frosts. The harvest is rigorously manual with great care during the transportation to the winery; fermentation is spontaneous thanks to indigenous yeasts, and maceration takes place with the whole grape for about 8 weeks.

The Blaufrankisch Rosé "Intra! The Wild" from Kolfok has an antique pink colour with intense reflections and a light glaze; the aromas identified are reminiscent of strawberries, berries, aromatic herbs and hints of spice. In the mouth it is dynamic, pleasant and inviting with a pleasing final freshness that entices glass after glass. It pairs perfectly with smoked fish, sushi and sashimi and fried fish; also excellent with fresh cheeses. A product to share for pleasant aperitifs during summer sunsets on the beach or for light lunches with the family, to enjoy a product with great potential.


Intense and slightly cloudy pink


Dynamic, vibrant, cool and smooth


Scents of strawberry, berries, aromatic herbs and spices