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Rosso 'Rosignol' Pietro Zardini 2019

Rosso 'Rosignol' Pietro Zardini 2019

Zardini Pietro

Pietro Zardini's 'Rosignol' is a rich and velvety Valpolicella red that offers notes of ripe fruit, hints of spice and hints of tobacco and cocoa. Macerated for 4-5 weeks and aged in oak barrels and barriques, it has an intense ruby red colour with garnet hues and is perfect with red meats in particular, but also suitable for meditative moments by the fireside

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Corvina 70%, Rondinella 20%, Molinara 10%


Alcohol content

15 %


75 cl Bottle


Fermentation on the skins with maceration for 4-5 weeks


In oak casks and barriques for about 2 years, then resting in steel and bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Organic, Macerated on grape peel

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The Pietro Zardini winery, producer of the 'Rosignol' Red, is located in the heart of the renowned Valpolicella, a land with deep and ancient viticultural roots. This territory has seen the evolution of wine-related traditions passed down from generation to generation, and the Pietro Zardini winery perfectly embodies this transition, combining respect for tradition with a constant pursuit of excellence and innovation. It is from this context that "Rosignol" is born, a handcrafted red wine made from Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes that celebrates the beauty and authenticity of Valpolicella.

The 'Rosignol' Red from Pietro Zardini takes its name from the nightingale, a symbol of the richness and biodiversity of Valpolicella. Like the nightingale, this wine emits a powerful and majestic note, reflecting the strength and vitality of the territory from which it comes. The grapes used for the production of this wine are carefully selected from vineyards located in the highest hills of Valpolicella. After manual harvesting, there is a natural drying process of approximately 3-4 months. This is followed by a traditional fermentation on the skins with a maceration period of 4-5 weeks. The wine then matures in oak barrels and barriques for 2 years before further refining in steel and bottle.

Visually, the 'Rosignol' presents itself as a ruby red color with garnet reflections, and upon discovering its rich and enveloping flavors, one immediately perceives notes of ripe fruit, hints of spices, and aromas of cocoa and tobacco, which harmoniously marry with the complexity of the wine. On the palate, this wine offers a full and round experience, with a pleasant persistence and a finish that expresses all its elegance. It is a wine to be enjoyed slowly, ideal for accompanying red meats and braised dishes, but it is also suitable for being enjoyed as a meditation wine, to be savored by the fireplace during a relaxing evening.


Intense garnet ruby red


Full, enveloping, juicy and spicy


Rich with hints of undergrowth and ripe small fruit, spicy notes, hints of cocoa and tobacco