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Vino Chinato Drink Wines Not Labels

Vino Chinato Drink Wines Not Labels

Drink Wines Not Labels

The Vino Chinato Drink Wines Not Labels is a spiced wine from Piedmont, born from the infusion in red wine of spices and medicinal herbs. Rich, intense and very fragrant, but balanced on the finish by an unexpected savoriness that balances the depth of its bitter notes. Enjoy neat or diluted with tonic water for an alternative aperitif!



Alcohol content

16.5 %


75 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Red grape wine infused with herbs and spices

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites
Collection bottle, no discounts


The Chinato Wine by Drink Wines Not Labels is a deep and flavorful aromatized wine that originates from the infusion of medicinal herbs and various spices into a base of red wine, following a traditional recipe from Piedmont. In fact, the tradition of Chinato wines is entirely Piedmontese and dates back to the 19th century when, towards the end of the century, pharmacist Giuseppe Cappellano created an elixir by combining Barolo wine with medicinal herbs and spices, a recipe later developed by various producers in the area including Giulio Cocchi. The original idea was to create a natural remedy against colds and to aid digestion, although today Chinato wine is mainly appreciated for its sensory qualities.

The production of Chinato Wine by Drink Wines Not Labels begins with the production of a base of red wine, which is then supplemented with a solution obtained from the infusion of various medicinal herbs and spices in a mixture of alcohol and sugar. Among the ingredients used, the bark of calisaya bark stands out in particular, a plant native to the Andes that gives the wine a very characteristic aroma and flavor.

Visually, the Chinato Wine from the Piedmontese reality Drink Wines Not Labels presents itself with an intense and dark garnet red appearance. From the glass emerge vivid and rich aromas of red fruits in spirit, which blend with peculiar hints of sweet spices and medicinal herbs. The taste development is savory and delicately sweet, characterized by exceptional intensity and breadth, as well as fine tannins and a long-lasting finish that lingers with pleasant bitter sensations. The dwnl Chinato Wine can be served neat and chilled, or with a slice of orange and a splash of tonic water, for a Langhe-inspired twist on classic bitter cocktails.


Deep, dark garnet red


Sweet, rich and intense, slightly bitter


Pieno e persistente, spiccano note di frutta rossa sotto spirito, cenni di spezie dolci ed erbe officinali