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Grappa 'Bassano Classica' Jacopo Poli

Grappa 'Bassano Classica' Jacopo Poli

Poli Jacopo

Jacopo Poli's Grappa 'Bassano Classica' is a grappa made from pomace from selected vine cuvées, distilled in a copper still with discontinuous cycle steam cauldrons. Dry, warm, full and persistent on the palate, with delicate hints of hydrangea and green apple, this grappa is a timeless after-dinner distillate

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


The Grappa 'Bassano Classica' by Jacopo Poli is a refined artisanal distillate from the area of Schiavon, in the picturesque setting of Veneto. This grappa is an authentic expression of love for the territory, serving as a kind of love letter to the city of Bassano del Grappa, famous for its history connected to the Ponte Vecchio and its role in the liberation during the war. The label itself portrays the symbol of the city, the Ponte Vecchio, emphasizing the deep connection between the product and the territory. The distillery is a historical icon in grappa production, and the Grappa 'Bassano Classica' proudly aligns with this tradition.

Jacopo Poli's Grappa 'Bassano Classica' is obtained through artisanal distillation of small batches, using a steam-powered discontinuous copper still. The grape pomace used comes from the vineyards in the Breganze Doc area, reflecting the distillery's philosophy of using local raw materials to create a grappa that tells the story of the territory. The aging process occurs in stainless steel tanks for at least six months, ensuring a balanced and harmonious maturation. This distillate stands out for its youthfulness, also making it suitable to be served to correct coffee, paying homage to the soldiers' tradition during the war who got to know grappa in such circumstances.

The taste of Grappa 'Bassano Classica' is elegant, harmonious, and lively. The transparent and clear color, along with the scent of toasted wood, vanilla, cocoa, and coffee, enrich the complex profile of this distillate. In the mouth, it is persistent, strong, and harmonious, with a fruity taste of hydrangeas, green apples, and dried plums. This distillate is just what you need to conclude an evening among friends, adding that extra touch of sophistication.


Transparent, crystalline


Dry, full, warm and persistent


Fresh, floral notes of hydrangeas and green apples