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Grappa di Ortrugo Distina - 50cl

Grappa di Ortrugo Distina - 50cl


The Grappa di Ortrugo di Distina is certainly a rarity: first because it is uncommon to find a grappa made from the pomace of sparkling wines, and second because it is even less common to find a grappa made from Ortrugo! Traditional grapes from the Piacenza area are used to produce sparkling wines organically, and the lees are expertly processed to produce this unique grappa. It is smooth and harmonious on the palate, very persistent with fruity hints that make for a pleasant, smooth and light sip




Alcohol content

43 %


50 cl Bottle


6 to 12 months in steel

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Grappa di Ortrugo from the family-run Distina winery and distillery is a distillate with a fragrant and fruity character. Like the rest of Distina's grappas, this grappa is distilled discontinuously using the bain-marie method, which consists of a very slow distillation process that releases the aromatic intensity contained in the marc. In this case, the pomace used is that of Ortrugo, a typical variety of the Colli Piacentini widely used in sparkling or spumante versions. On average, the distillery produces just 5 litres of fine grappa from 100 kilos of marc.

Distina Grappa di Ortrugo is made from marc from the gentle pressing of Ortrugo grapes grown under certified organic conditions. The mass is slowly distilled discontinuously in a bain-marie still twice. The resulting distillate is then left to rest in stainless steel tanks "full degree", i.e. without any dilution with water, for between 6 and 12 months until final bottling.

On visual inspection, Grappa di Ortrugo from the Piacenza Distina estate presents a transparent and brilliant appearance. The nose has intense aromas of jasmine, pear, citrus, peach and apricot under spirits, together with pleasant notes of fresh grapes and must. The progression on the palate is dry, clean and smooth, with a fragrant and slightly savoury finish that contributes to the overall harmony and balance. The producer's own advice is to enjoy this grappa at a cool temperature of between 14 and 16 °C to fully appreciate its great pleasantness and enjoyability.


Transparent and brilliant


Dry, clean, fragrant and smooth, slightly savory


Jasmine, peach and apricot under spirit, grape