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Grappa di Nebbiolo Capovilla - 50cl

Grappa di Nebbiolo Capovilla - 50cl


The Grappa di Nebbiolo di Capovilla is a white grappa made from the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo vineyards. It has intense, concentrated aromas of berries and a structured, full-bodied taste with spicy and balsamic veins

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Alcohol content

44 %


50 cl Bottle


Capovilla's Grappa di Nebbiolo is of the most prestigious labels in the range of single-vineyard spirits, specially created by Vittorio Capovilla to highlight the varietal characteristics of the different grapes. A process of searching for the finest aromatic facets, made possible by supplies of fresh pomace of the highest quality and careful and rigorous processing, always very respectful of the raw material. This prestigious collection could not fail to include Barolo, the great red wine of the Langhe, which gives all the finesse and elegance of its floral and delicately fruity aromas for an unforgettable taste experience.

Grappa di Nebbiolo is the fruit of the immense experience of one of the world's most famous distillers, considered among the greatest masters of the art of the still. Vittorio Capovilla, for more than thirty years, has represented the absolute excellence of grappa and, more generally, of distillates, particularly fruit distillates. His work is the result of a curious passion, absolute rigour in production processes and an obsessive search for purity. Over time, he still has become his best ally. When it comes to making the grappas, Capovilla has always taken maniacal care over the quality of the pomace, selecting the best wineries and ensuring freshness and fragrance, the basis of aromatically rich extractions. Only Nebbiolo pomace is used for this label.

Capovilla's Grappa di Nebbiolo is a refined and complex distillate that authentically expresses the personality of an extraordinary grape variety, which, even at the end of its vinification, proves to have much to say and to give to enthusiasts. Crystal is clear and absolutely transparent; it expresses a bouquet characterized by delicate floral nuances of violet, dried rose petals and iris, aromas of red currant, morello cherry, and raspberry, and hints of medicinal and balsamic herbs. Soft and seductive, it has a soave and harmonious palate entry, with elegant fruit, spicy hints and a very persistent, fresh and fruity finish.




Firm and smooth, tannic, spicy and balsamic, with long finish


Strong and intense, with notes of soft fruit and fragrant flowers