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Grappa di Recioto Allegrini - 50cl

Grappa di Recioto Allegrini - 50cl


The Grappa di Recioto Allegrini is produced from the distillations with pot stills of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinare pomace used for the vinification of Recioto della Valpolicella sweet wine. It is a white grappa aged only in steel tanks, with a warm, intense, clean and persistent profile




Alcohol content

43 %


50 cl Bottle


18 months in steel vats


Allegrini's Grappa di Recioto is a distillate with a delicate profile. The nose presents itself on different levels of scents, which alternate with a precise rhythm, without being confused, but on the contrary always asserting themselves with smoothness. In the mouth, there is a rich flavour, in which the warmth of the sip envelops the palate with persistent flavours that draw a satisfying drink. A label that demonstrates the versatility of Allegrini, capable of obtaining a high quality product from the pomace of its wines.

Allegrini's Grappa di Recioto is made from the fresh marc of three red grape varieties that are symbolic of viticulture in the Veneto region, namely Corvina, Rondinella and Oseleta, from which the winery obtains Recioto wine. The pomace is carefully processed so that during the distillation process the most characteristic aromas of the marc are captured in the 'heart' of the distillate, thus separating the heads and tails, i.e. those parts where the intensity of the olfactory notes is more tenuous, thus representing the waste of production. Once the Grappa has been obtained, the production process ends with an 18-month ageing process in steel tanks, after which the bottling process takes place.

Allegrini's Grappa di Recioto announces itself to the eye as completely colourless, limpid and crystalline. The nose is concentrated, offering a floral profile, in which fruitier hints, especially of cherry, and hints of aromatic herbs are perceptible from time to time. Generous on the palate, which builds through a velvety, warm taste, endowed with a flavour consistent with the aromas perceived during olfactory analysis. It closes with a finish of excellent persistence. The perfect bottle to put on the table after dinner, to liven up conversations with guests.


Crystal clear


Rich, smooth, warm and persistent


Intense and floral, with hints of roses, aromatic herbs and red fruits