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'Chianzano' Bianco Cantina Giardino 2019

'Chianzano' Bianco Cantina Giardino 2019

Cantina Giardino

Cantina Giardino's 'Chianzano' Bianco is a fresh and dynamic Campania macerated white wine, with a lively sip supported by a subtle savory texture and pleasantly acidic citrus notes. Perfect when paired with fish appetizers or vegetarian pasta dishes!




White grapes


Alcohol content

11.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Indigenous yeasts

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Cantina Giardino's Bianco 'Chianzano' is an orange wine that manages to combine complexity and smoothness in an amazing way, being both satisfying and drinkable at the same time. Cantina Giardino is located in Ariano Irpino, where Daniela and Antonio di Gruttola cultivate indigenous grape varieties such as Fiano, Greco, Coda di Volpe and Aglianico with great passion, assisted by a close-knit team of friends and family. The common goal is to valorise Irpinia's inestimable viticultural and rural heritage through a production vision that respects the environment and biodiversity. With this in mind, Antonio has recovered a series of partially abandoned vineyards with vines over 100 years old.
Cantina Giardino 'Chianzano' Bianco is made from a blend of white grapes cultivated at around 500 metres above sea level following organic farming principles. Harvesting is carried out entirely by hand and the grapes are directly mash for spontaneous alcoholic fermentation associated with approximately one week of contact between the must and the marc. Throughout the vinification process, the mass undergoes no corrections or stabilisation, nor filtration and clarification operations.
The orange wine 'Chianzano' Bianco from the family-run winery Cantina Giardino has a radiant golden yellow colour with orange highlights. The aromatic range opens on delicate hints of peach and citrus fruits, enriched by mineral sensations and decisive hints of dried fruit, wild flowers and honey. Lively and flavoursome on the palate, endowed with a very slight tannic perception and a pleasant acidic texture that lends freshness and impetus to the savoury finish.


Golden yellow with orange highlights


Fresh, lively, slightly savory with a pleasant acidic structure


Delicate notes of peach, citrus and dried fruit