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Rum Reserva 'Maya' Malteco Ron 15 Anni

Rum Reserva 'Maya' Malteco Ron 15 Anni

Malteco Ron

"Maya" Rum Reserva is an intense, rich and exuberant expression of Panama. It matures for 15 years in wood and expresses itself in a warm, velvety and complex personality from which soft and sweet notes of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and raisins stand out

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Sugar cane


15 anni in botte di rovere


Malteco Ron was born in Panama, a land privileged by its geographical location, rich in wildlife and ancient culture. Among these treasures there is also an ancient art, passed down through generations by the masters of the cellars. It is the art of distillation unique in the world, a unique traditional method which gives life a worthy rum as Maltecoron. Is used to create the juice right out of sugar cane and molasses sugar. This valuable fermented sap is then distilled at low altitude through the method "column" and then deposited in fine oak barrels. From sea level the barrels are transported to 2500 meters above sea level and here let in the damp cellars carved into the rock thousands of years. At this height the climate significantly cooler and the humidity, the twilight of the age-old cellars, cause the slow aging process takes place in the most gentle and natural. Thus was born, spent many years, a rum with a distinct personality and the extraordinary aromatic balance. The bouquet is balanced, persistent and very round, the delicate fragrances are intermingled intense aroma dominated by notes of spice and tobacco that only time can provide.


Dark mahogany


Soft, sweet, very fine, with a hint of chocolate


Intense aromas of caramel, chocolate and vanilla