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Rosolio Arbei

Rosolio Arbei


Rosolio from the Arbei distillery is a perfect after-dinner liqueur to consume neat or on the rocks, capable of gladdening the palate of those who do not like overly bitter sensations. It is made from carefully selected fresh bay leaves from organically grown plants. The coppery colour with greenish hues introduces herbaceous aromas and a smooth, long taste

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Gewurztraminer 100%

Alcohol content

30 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks


8 months in steel tanks


Arbei Rosolio is a modern interpretation of one of the oldest and simplest traditional Italian liqueurs. It is an alcoholic beverage widespread in many regions of our peninsula and was already particularly appreciated in the Renaissance for its delicate aromaticity and pleasant sweetness. Its secret lies in its simplicity. Its ingredients are few, and its preparation is easy. It is no coincidence that it has always been a homemade liqueur, according to old family recipes handed down from generation to generation. The Arbei version is characterised by using laurel as the main ingredient, giving it an intense, fragrant and elegant aroma and flavour.

Arbei is a special rosolio with a refined and balanced taste. It is the fruit of the desire to create a version of the famous liqueur characterised in a typically territorial way. The idea follows a trend that has been sweeping through the spirits world in recent years, and Gin in particular, which is expressed in a search for botanicals capable of expressing the genius loci. Rosolio was born on the Marche property of Villa Rivo, located in the Fermo countryside. The farmhouse is surrounded by the spontaneous vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis, and among the plants, the laurel shrubs stand out in particular. The rosolio is made from an infusion of alcohol from fresh bay leaves from organic cultivation. The liqueur is then completed by adding water to lower the alcohol content and a little sugar.

Arbei Rosolio conveys all the fragrances and aromas of Laurus Nobilis, which has always been appreciated in herbal medicine for its digestive properties. It has a golden yellow colour with bright green highlights. The bouquet is persuasive and combines the typical scent of laurel, nuances of aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean maquis, with sweet hints of candyfloss. Harmonious and suave, it has a pleasantly sweet entry on the palate, well balanced by the bitter notes of bay leaves, which perfectly balance the taste experience.


Ramato with greenish highlights


Soft, enveloping, herbaceous, fresh and long


Rich, articulate, herbaceous notes meet balsamic and menthol sensations