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Elisir Prugna Jacopo Poli

Elisir Prugna Jacopo Poli

Poli Jacopo

Jacopo Poli's Plum Elixir is a plum-based liquor, a historic product of the distillery, which developed the recipe in its early days. Reworking the Eastern European tradition of Slivovitz, Poli produces a plum infusion with almondy hints. Silky on the palate, the smooth sip makes it an excellent after-meal drink, perfect for those craving sweetness and lots of fruitiness

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Elisir Prugna, crafted by the renowned Jacopo Poli distillery in the heart of Veneto, Schiavon, is an authentic distillation experience rooted in the year 1898. This sweet liqueur, created through the infusion of pure plum juice in alcohol, embodies artisanal mastery and dedication to producing high-quality beverages. Nestled in a place rich in tradition, the distillery strives to preserve the authentic character of this liqueur, evident in its balanced taste and aroma.

The raw material for Jacopo Poli's Elisir Prugna is the fruit of the "Prunus Domestica" plant, the plum, which undergoes a natural and artisanal infusion process. Inheriting and refining the original recipe, influenced by the tradition of Eastern European Slivovitz, the distillery employs small copper stills, ancient instruments that preserve the purity and authenticity of plum juice. The result is a liqueur with an intense aroma, best enjoyed alongside a small pastry.

Elisir Prugna by Jacopo Poli presents itself with an intense amber color, revealing fruity notes and almond aromas on the nose. The taste is sweet, with a pleasant amaretto flavor that lingers in the long-lasting finish. To be enjoyed well-chilled, neat or on the rocks, Elisir Prugna is versatile and works well as a digestif, tonic, or even as a delightful addition to coffee. With its aromatic intensity and balanced taste, this liqueur is a delight to savor as a post-meal indulgence.


Amber red


Sweet, silky and fresh, moderately intense and persistent, smooth


Fresh plum, toasted almond, amaretto