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Whisky Blended 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila e Jura' Samaroli

Whisky Blended 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila e Jura' Samaroli


Samaroli's Blended Whisky 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila and Jura' is a blend of two young malts with a jaunty spirit. At first impact it is scurvy with intense notes of blue cheese, which slowly evolve into hints of bread fresh out of the oven. A lingering, balsamic sip characterized by pungent notes. This Scotch Whisky is inspired by an old belnd originally created for Anacleto Bleve, father of Samaroli's master blender.




Alcohol content

50 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Samaroli presents 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila e Jura' Blended Whisky, a distillate produced in Scotland with a lively and dynamic personality. Blended Scotch whiskies are derived from an assemblage of different Scotch whiskies aimed at achieving a final product with a balanced and accessible taste. For this blend, Master Blender Antonio W. Bleve was inspired by an old blend made for his father Anacleto Bleve at Anacleto's Bottega. It is a combination of two Caol Ila whiskies, from the northern part of the island of Islay, and one Scotch whisky from the Islands, specifically from the island of Jura, all made with fairly young malt.

Samaroli's Blended Whisky 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila and Jura' comes from only Scotch barley malt that is steeped in hot water and left to ferment in order to obtain the so-called "wash." The distillation phase of the fermented is carried out in Pot Still copper stills, between Caol Ila and the island of Jura, and after a long aging in oak barrels, the final blending of the whiskies takes place. This is followed by bottling and marketing under the Samaroli brand.

On visual examination, 'Ardenistle - Caol Ila e Jura' Blended Whisky Samaroli presents itself with a bright amber appearance. Decisive and lively hints of warm bread, sesame and blue cheese emerge on the nose, enhanced by hints of herbs such as oregano and marjoram. The iodine component is notable, adding complexity to the olfactory texture. In the mouth it is pungent and jaunty, with the satisfying warmth well balanced by fresh balsamic sensations that join the lingering finish rich in yeasty memories.


Bright amber


Balsamic, persistent, pungent, jaunty


Hints of blue cheese, aromas of warm bread, hints of oregano and marjoram