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Cocktail Kit Starter 'Pre&Post Dinner' Icona Spirits

Cocktail Kit Starter 'Pre&Post Dinner' Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits

The "Pre&Post Dinner" Kit is an ideal plastic-free box from Icona Spirits that includes a herbal Amaro "DOM" produced exclusively with Genziana Distillati, two Italian tonics and a jigger to dose the ingredients. With this box you can create up to 6 cocktails or choose to drink the amaro as an after dinner digestif. A versatile kit that can be used as an aperitif or as an end of meal!




  • 1 Bottle Amaro "DOM" - 20 cl
  • 2 Bottles Tonic Water
  • 1 Jigger



20 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The mission of Icona Spirits lies in promoting alcoholic excellence made in Italy, sourced from producers and distillers selected from the most serious local artisans. All spirits offered are certified GMO Free and most of the alcohol used is derived from certified organic cultivation: unique products for making professional-quality mixology at home.

"Pre&Post Dinner" is the kit prepared by Icona Spirits that makes it possible to create at home, practically professionally and waste-free, an aperitif inspired by the classic Italian tradition or a refined and highly satisfying post-dinner. "DOM" is an Amaro Officinale elaborated from an anise-based spice and with the addition of the bitter nuance brought by absinthe, then enriched with the peculiar ingredients of liqueur making, such as cinchona and rhubarb. The use of incense tincture generates a deep colour, while the scents it releases vary between the sweetness of tobacco and the bitterness of chocolate, revealing a taste of seductive harmony. The recipe is made exclusively at the artisan workshops of Genziana Distillati, a family business that has kept the ancient art of liqueur-making alive since 1969. The operational management is now in the capable hands of Alessandro, a recognized Italian master distiller, accompanied by the historical knowledge and creative imagination of his sister Lorenza. "Imperdible Dry Bitter Tonic," on the other hand, is the chosen accompanying tonic made on the Italian territory.

The Icona Spirits branded "Cocktail Kit Starter Pre&Post Dinner" is dedicated to enthusiasts and the curious in the world of mixology, aiming to provide everything you need in the right proportions to create cocktails for aperitifs or closing the evening. It consists of 1 200-millilitre bottle of DOM Amaro Officinale, 2 small bottles of Superior Tonic Water and 1 professional jigger to perfectly dose liquid quantities. Everything is placed in the essential cardboard box, custom shaped and with Scandinavian design lines, ready to be used to prepare up to 6 aperitifs or post-dinner cocktails: just add ice if you feel like it!