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Rum Ámbar Claro Eminente 3 Years

Rum Ámbar Claro Eminente 3 Years


Ambar Claro Eminente Rum is a product that stands out for its complexity of fruity and spicy aromas that marry with sweet hints of caramel. It originates in Cuba, also known as the "L’Isla de Cocodrillo", from the blending of a rich 30 percent proportion of aged aguardientes, aged for 3 years in ex-Bourbon oak barrels. It is a smooth and robust rum that at the same time gives fresh and harmonious hints

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

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3 years in former Bourbon oak barrels


Eminente's Rum Ambar Claro 3 Anni is the result of a collaboration between Moët Hennessy, the group dedicated to researching and producing premium products in the world of beverages, and Cuba Ron, one of the leading Central American companies in the field of the emblematic Caribbean distillate. It is presented with an extremely recognisable and sought-after bottle, a true icon of the island of the Great Antilles: the 'Isla del Caiman', as Cuba is known among the locals, due to its elongated and slightly flexed shape, is depicted through the processing of the surface of the glass, entirely from recycling activities.
Eminente entrusts the creation of Rum Ambar Claro 3 Anni to a prestigious personality in the field of distillation. César Martí is the youngest Maestro Ronero of all time, active in Cuba but a native of Santo Domingo: here he spent all his years of study and apprenticeship at the Central Rum Factory 'Agustín Rodríguez Mena', before being awarded the position by the Cuba Ron Corporation in 2009, at only 32 years of age. This profound experience, built on a great love for this peculiar world, is reflected in the elaboration of a Rum with a clear historical inspiration: the tradition of Cuban sugar cane brandy dating back to the 19th century. The revisitation of this production led to the creation of a skilful blend of aged aguardientes, used to the extent of 30%, with lighter Rum distilled by the column method. After blending, three years of ageing is required in a tropical environment, inside American oak barrels previously occupied by Bourbon.
The bright golden yellow of Eminente's Rum Ambar Claro 3 Years surprisingly introduces a rich, full-bodied distillate. The classic sweet toasted notes variegated with vanilla and caramel nuances are the background of a nose rich in spicy suggestions, between white pepper and nutmeg, in which riper and crisper white-fleshed fruit aromas creep in, then closing on the citrine stings of ginger root. The taste is harmonious, balanced between deep aromatic complexity and dynamic freshness, in which the alcohol content is fully integrated. Ideal to sip on its own as a base for classic Caribbean mixology.


Golden yellow


Soft, complex, harmonious, robust


Fruity aromas of red apple and pear, spicy hints of nutmeg, white pepper and ginger, notes of caramel and vanilla