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Rum Single Haiti Samaroli 2004

Rum Single Haiti Samaroli 2004


Haiti Rum is part of the Samaroli selection, the Italian Rum and Whisky trading company that buys and bottles the best batches. This label comes from pure sugar cane and is aged for 18 years in barrels that benefit from the Scottish climate. Intense, warm and elegant, it has aromas of oriental spices, bitter cocoa, ripe tropical fruit and roasted, vanilla flavors




Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle


18 years in wooden casks enjoying Scotland's continental climate

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Samaroli's Single Haiti Rum is a prestigious rum with an articulate floral character, distilled on the island of Haiti but aged and bottled in Scotland from a single cask. Founded in Rome in 1968 as Samaroli Srl Wine & Spirits Merchants, this production company soon became a symbol of excellence in whiskey and rum, which are selected from Scotland and West Indian countries such as Haiti, respectively. In 2008, Samaroli passed to the Bleve family, represented by Master Blender Antonio W., who continues with passion and expertise the path traced by the great Silvano Samaroli, one of the Italian pioneers in terms of quality excellence in spirits.

The production of Samaroli Rum Single Haiti begins with the cultivation of sugar cane in Haiti's tropical climate. Once ripe, the plant is cut and pressed to extract its juice, which is then subjected to alcoholic fermentation and, after a few days, distillation. The precious distillate is then transported to Scotland where it matures for 18 long years in wooden barrels, enjoying the country's cool continental climate, ideal for the proper sensory evolution of rum. Finally, the distillate is bottled and marketed under the Samaroli brand.

Haiti Single Rum from the Italian brand Samaroli possesses a rich brown hue with brilliant golden hues. Fascinating aromas of caramelized nuts, sweet and oriental spices, exotic fruits and cocoa invest the nose, supported by vivid floral notes and fresh balsamic perceptions. In the mouth it is warm, enveloping and intense, with an elegant and persistent progression that recalls the sensations on the nose.


Brown with brilliant golden highlights


Intense, warm, enveloping and elegant


Caramelised dried fruits, sweet and oriental spices, memories of bitter cocoa and balsamic sensations