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Grappa '903 Barrique' Bonaventura Maschio

Grappa '903 Barrique' Bonaventura Maschio

Bonaventura Maschio

The Grappa Barrique 903 by Bonaventura Mascio is a barricaded grappa with an intense and complex personality, spicy and fruity aromas and a smooth and balanced taste, very persistent, with notes of ripe fruit and vanilla




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


In barrique di rovere francese


This Grappa Barrique 903 is dedicated by the distillery to its founder, Maschio Bonaventura, born in 1903. An important figure to say the least, whose studies and research represented a real turning point in the art of Italian distillation. This is a label of character and personality, in which the sip is expressive, incisive and swaddling, while the aromas on the nose make use of a fruity and spicy profile. A bottle that carries with it a special story, where the history of the Bonaventura distillery is traced, ideal for giving as a gift to all Grappa enthusiasts.

Barrique 903 is the name of a Grappa that Bonaventura Maschio makes from the pomace of different grape varieties. Once fermented, the pomace is distilled under the watchful eyes of the distillery's team, which is always vigilant in checking and following every smallest step of the entire production process. Distillation takes place separately for each type of marc, in special copper stills, and then a cut is made where precise proportions are respected. At the end of its making, the Grappa is rested in French oak barrels for several months, at the end of which it is ready to be bottled and marketed.

This Grappa Barrique 903 announces itself in the glass with a beautiful amber colour, decidedly intense and full. The nose is characterized by a symphony of delicate aromas, in which nuances of ripe fruit alternate with more spicy notes, resulting from the period of maturation spent in wood. On the palate, it is good-bodied and balanced, with a satisfying sip endowed with a very persistent and lasting closure. A distillate signed by Bonaventura Maschio is ideal for tasting after dinner in the company of those friends who have great respect for Grappa.


Intense amber yellow


Elegant, harmonious and well structured, with a final intense and refined


Intense notes of spice, wood and vanilla