Whisky Single Malt AnCnoc 18 Anni

The Whisky Single Malt AnCnoc 18 Years Old is a smooth and full-bodied whisky from Highlands, aged in ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks. It has a warm and pleasantly sweet aromatic profile, from which spring out notes od candied and dried fruits, chocolate and ripe oranges

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Made of
Barley malt
Alcohol content
Bottle Size
70 cl Bottle - with original package
18 years in American ex-Bourbon casks and European ex-Sherry casks

To drink it at its best

Service temp.
Tulip goblet
Tulip goblet

The tulip goblet for the Whisky has an upper opening narrower than the body to facilitate a contact surface with the air and to concentrate the aromas to a suitable area for the nose

sommelier's description

Colour Bright amber

Scent Sweet and delicate, with scents of dried fruits, dark chocolate and ripe oranges

Taste Full-bodied, smooth and round, with notes of spices and candied fruits

producer: An Cnoc

Distillati principali
Foundation Year
Master Distiller
Gordon Bruce
Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 7LJ, Regno Unito