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Rum Fiji 'Pacific Oblivion' Samaroli 2012

Rum Fiji 'Pacific Oblivion' Samaroli 2012


Fiji Rum 'Pacific Oblivion' Samaroli is a fragrant, ethereal and complex rum, bottled in Scotland 10 years after distillation. With a warm, enveloping sip, the palate reveals intense spicy undertones of nutmeg, pink pepper and vanilla, with fresh herbal hints, while medicinal and dried fruit notes strike the nose, giving rise to a slightly peaty, deep and complex organoleptic profile

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Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Samaroli expresses through its Rum 'Pacific Oblivion' the style of an oceanic distillate from the Fiji Islands, naturally combined with the long evolution in the climate, meteorological and cultural, of the Old Continent. Proposed for the first time in 2009, with the bottling of the year 2001, it represents a vintage with an uncompromising character and a disconcerting aromatic richness: a hymn to the originality and quality of artisanal creations. Started in 1968, Silvano Samaroli's pioneering activity has always been characterised by the search for extraordinary quality in spirits, through choices that have turned out to be eccentric, surprising, insane, depending on the historical moment in time. Like each of its creations, this Fiji Rum is capable of capturing the senses and opening the minds of novices as well as true connoisseurs.
Samaroli's Fiji Rum 'Pacific Oblivion' is a blended rum in the traditional style, distilled from molasses in the premises of the South Pacific Distillery, the only company operating in the Fiji Islands. The climate of this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is ideal for the cultivation of sugar cane and the artisanal way of processing allows for a spirit of remarkable purity and aromatic intensity. "Pacific Oblivion" is bottled from a single cask after 10 years of maturation in oak on the hallowed soil of Scotland, with the alcohol level lowered to 45 degrees.
Intense, luminous amber is the appearance of Samaroli's Fiji Rum 'Pacific Oblivion'. The nose is a provocation of extraordinary complexity and delicacy at the same time, introduced by unusual sensations of beeswax and ethereal touches of lacquer. Phenolic nuances recognisable in the clear medicinal notes turn to a nutty fruitiness with a bitter and oxidative tendency, almost a suggestion of peat character. The warm and vigorous sip is immediately swept by a gushing current of freshness, within which swim spicy aromas of vanilla and pink pepper, mace and liquorice, while a menthol halo spreads a purifying balm on the palate. Tasting it pure is a fitting tribute to the undeniable sensory quality of this fine distillate.


Intense amber


Very intense and spicy, with overtones of pink pepper, nutmeg, and vanilla


Complex and strong, medicinal and dried fruit notes stand out