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Vermouth Bianco 'Santòn' Borgo San Daniele

Vermouth Bianco 'Santòn' Borgo San Daniele

Borgo San Daniele

Vermouth Bianco "Santon" is a spiced wine made with white wine from Pinot Bianco, Friulano and Istrian Malvasia grapes with an infusion of over 30 spices and aromatic herbs. The sip is warm, soft and intense, with bitter notes of citrus, aromatic herbs, sweet and medicinal spices




Pinot Bianco 100%


Alcohol content

18 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in wood cask at controlled temperatura


Till 10 months on the yeasts in wood casks

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Vermouth Bianco 'Santòn', from the Borgo San Daniele winery, is the first artisanal Vermouth produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a label that admirably blends the excellence of the area's wine culture with the historical Piedmontese tradition of producing aromatised wines. Taking its cue from the recipe of Antonio Benedetto Carpano, created in Turin in 1796, Borgo San Daniele has decided to complete its offer by flanking its wines with a version of Vermouth, characterised by the fragrances and aromas of a selection of fine herbs and spices.

'Santòn' Vermouth Bianco is an original creation of the Borgo San Daniele winery. Alessandra and Mauro Mauri run an estate in the beautiful lands of Friuli and cultivate the main grape varieties of the area with passion and care. Their production is characterised by wines that faithfully reflect local customs and the personality of the terroir. It is precisely the high quality of the wines that are the basis of the success of their Vermouth. In fact, it is made from the winery's excellent white wine, in particular, from a blend of Pinot Bianco, which lends freshness and refined elegance, and Malvasia Istriana, which completes the bouquet with its rich and intense floral and fruity notes. The recipe is based on a choice of no less than 30 botanicals, which are processed through a classic process of infusion in wine so that they can release all their aromatic essences.

Borgo San Daniele's Vermouth Bianco 'Santòn' is perfect to be enjoyed neat or with ice but can also be used to prepare classic cocktails. To the eye, it has a light amber colour with luminous reflections. The aromatic profile is very intense and elegant, characterised by notes of bitter orange peel, officinal herbs, sweet oriental spices, aromatic and balsamic herbs, soft hints of caramel, and nuances of rhubarb on a pleasantly vinous background, which harmonises and blends everything. The entrance to the palate is enveloping and suave with a mouthfeel of persuasive and persistent aromas that stretch towards a long and harmonious finish.


Bright amber


Round, spicy, of great richness and enveloping


Notes of aromatic herbs, sweet spices, citrus peel, rhubarb, caramel and medicinal herbs