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Vermouth Rosso DelMago - 50cl

Vermouth Rosso DelMago - 50cl


Vermouth Rosso DelMago is a spiced wine made with an infusion in which notes of wormwood flowers, gentian root and vanilla beans are recognized. An idea of the chef Marcello Trentini of the starred restaurant Magorabin in Turin which is part of a line of spirits and signature cocktails of the great Italian tradition. It has an aromatic profile, soft and round, with a ntoe of sweet spices, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and a bitter finish




Alcohol content

17 %


50 cl Bottle


6 months in wooden barrels

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Vermouth Rosso DelMago is one of the most famous labels in the Spiriti Divini line, created by star chef Marcello Trentini. His great passion for the universe of liqueurs and spirits has prompted him to focus on producing top-quality artisanal bottles that highlight the best characteristics of some great classics. A tribute to one of the symbols of the city of Turin could not be missed: Vermouth, created right in the heart of the Savoy capital by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in 1786.

DelMago's Vermouth Rosso aperitif is the fruit of a patient production process that follows in exemplary fashion the best customs handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. A compendium of ancient family recipes was rescued from oblivion and brought up to date through a precise and competent work of recovery and valorisation. The basic ingredient is an excellent white wine Cortese del Monferrato. The botanicals are chosen with great care, trying to privilege above all three great families of aromas: the fragrance of citrus notes, the softness of oriental spices and the bitter hints of officinal herbs and plants of spontaneous flora. The infusions are carried out with simple cold macerations, allowing deep and delicate extractions. After blending, the preparation is completed by adding only alcohol, natural flavourings and a little sugar to counteract the bitter nuances of some botanicals.

The Vermouth Rosso DelMago is a homage to the customs of Piedmont, made with extraordinary finesse and elegance. To the eye, it is a beautiful, intense and brilliant ruby red with luminous garnet-coloured reflections. The aromatic picture is particularly rich, with aromas of soft spices, ripe citrus fruits, bitter orange peel, rhubarb, gentian, absinthe, cascarilla, cinchona, mace, herbs, pepper and balsamic plants. The entry on the palate is persuasive and harmonious, with very rich and deep aromas, which give an amiably vinous, complex and long sip. The finish is pleasantly spicy, with a citrusy finish with slightly bitter sensations. It is perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks as an aperitif or to use as an ingredient in refined cocktails.



Bright red ruby


Rich, intense, smooth and of great complexity


Notes of sweet spices, bitter herbs, orange peel, rhubarb and nutmeg