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Whisky Single Malt Campbeltown 'Apprentice' Samaroli

Whisky Single Malt Campbeltown 'Apprentice' Samaroli


Samaroli's Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 'Apprentice' is a whisky distilled in Campbeltown, Scotland, and is part of Samaroli's selection of young and emerging producers. An "apprentice" whisky, viscous and dynamic, but not without character: the sip is balanced and enveloping, very persistent on the palate, while notes of spices and herbs stand out on the nose, giving a complex and multifaceted taste experience




Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 'Apprentice' marks the start of a new chapter for Samaroli, the internationally renowned Italian independent bottler. The search in this case is directed towards the selection of emerging young spirits, those 'apprentices' who learn from the masters and develop their own amazing skills. There is no region in the whole of Scotland like Campeltown that can respond more enthusiastically to the call: the desire to get back into the game pushes the distilleries to pick up the thread of a centuries-old history that speaks of successes and abandonments, to return to assert their own distinctiveness in new limelight.
Whisky Single Malt Campbeltown 'Apprentice' was first released by Samaroli in 2022, bottling a 2017 distillate. It is therefore a whisky with 5 years of maturation behind it, spent in ex-Bourbon oak casks and composed of a blend processed at the Glen Scotia distillery. The processing is strictly artisanal, conducted by small batches and distilling the spirit with traditional discontinuous stills.
A bright amber colour introduces the tasting of the Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky "Apprentice" proposed by Samaroli. The impact on the nose is immediately a declaration of uncompromising originality and clearly asserts its extraction through an overflowing aromaticity. The opening on cereal notes soon evolves towards a fiercely spicy tone, while hints of dried officinal herbs gradually take over, with smoky touches of real burnt. The distinctly mentholated aromas and balsamic hints of rosemary and more distinctly culinary thyme find bold coherence in the extreme freshness that characterises the sip. It is a taste of patience: the whisky must be given the right amount of time to open up to the environment and acclimatise to the glass, so that the proud olfactory impetuosity finds the right correspondence in the gustatory balance, which turns out to be of great depth and satisfying persistence.


Amber yellow


Fresh, balanced and very persistent


Very aromatic, the initial cereal notes give way to scents of rosemary, mint and thyme and slight spicy memories