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Gin 'Z44' Roner

Gin 'Z44' Roner


Gin Z44 is a fresh, floral and slightly balsamic spirits from Suoth Tyrol, produced from mountain water and alpine botanicals, as pinecones. It is fresh, rich and spicy, with menthol nuances. Perfect for classic cocktails

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Alcohol content

44 %


70 cl Bottle


The Z44 is a distilled dry Gin with nuances of fresh lime and ranges of Alpine and Mediterranean herbs and flowers form the foothills of the Alps complement the menthol-fresh pine taste to produce an innovative gin. The typical notes of juniper are complemented with yarrow, violet root, and gentian root. The essence of pinecones is distilled in a small still, and the result is this unique Alpine gin.

Roner distillery was founded in 1946 by the grandfather Gottfried Roner and is now managed by the third generation from Mrs. Karin Roner as managing director and owner. During these years Roner has developed into the "most award-winning distillery in Italy" and is known in Europe and far beyond for its excellent high-quality products in the category grappa, fruit distillates, gin, rum and liqueurs.


Crystal clear


Rich, spicy and fresh, with mentholated aromas


Fresh, floral and slightly balsamic, with delicate hints of violet and stone pine