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Gin 'Nouaison' G Vine

Gin 'Nouaison' G Vine

G Vine

The "Nouaison" Gin is produced in the Cognac region from the must and the Ugni Blanc grape blossom. It stands out for its smoothness, for the fresh and silky tones and for its floral aromatic intensity, which is not without sweet and persistent nuances




Alcohol content

45 %


70 cl Bottle


The Gin "Floraison Grey" by G Vine is the first gin created by alcohol and neutral grape vine flower in the Cognac region (France), Jean Sébastien Robicquot and Bruno de Reilhac. A product that clears the notions of classic gin. In mid-June each year, the green flower vine Ugni Blanc begins to bloom and before maturing and becoming grape, is used for the infusion of G'Vine Gin. In September, the grapes are picked and immediately pressed and turned into wine; alcohol that results is distilled four times producing an alcohol grape neutral. Unlike the traditional grain alcohol associated with the production of gin, alcohol that comes from this grape is decidedly less angular and more sweet, with a 'flavor and a more gentle. The botanicals are infused two to five days and consequently neutral grape spirits in alcohol. It ends with a fifth and final distillation: the essence of the grape flowers, neutral alcohol resulting dall'Ugni Blanc and alcohol derived from botanical fruits. The Floraison Grey has color glass with minimal turbidity, is very aromatic with citrus scent. The flavor is more intense the "sister Floraison Verde", is spicy, soft, silky, light and fresh on the palate, with crisp fat and almost sweet flavor to the increased presence of alcohol.


Brilliant, with a slight turbidity


Light, fresh, silky, with a final beautiful sweetness


Aromatic notes of spices and flowers