Gin Italian Dry Seven Hills

Gin VII Hills is a London Dry produced from Italian botanicals inspired to the Ancient Rome, as artichoke, celery and pomegranate grains. It is complex, smooth, rich and creamy, intense and elegant. To drink straight and perfect for the Negroni cocktail


Made of
Infusion in neutral alcohol derived from the beet of Italian botanicals that are inspired by the spices of Ancient Rome: juniper, coriander, angelica, chamomile, celery, rose hip, red orange peel, artichoke heart and pomegranate grains
Bottle Size
70 cl Bottle - no original package

To drink it at its best

Service temp.
Gin Goblet
Gin Goblet

The goblet for the Gin in is tall and narrow to reduce the contact area and concentrate the flavor profile in a most suitable area for the nose

sommelier's description

Colour Crystal

Scent Intense and smooth, with elegant hints of juniper and herbs

Taste Smooth and creamy, rich in vegetal spicy notes

producer: VII Hills

Distillati principali
15 Bruton Ln, Mayfair, London W1J 6JD, Regno Unito