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Cocktail Kit Starter 'Gin&Tonic' Icona Spirits

Cocktail Kit Starter 'Gin&Tonic' Icona Spirits

Icona Spirits

The Cocktail Kit Starter "Gin&Tonic" by Icona Spirits is a box designed to prepare excellent cocktails, designed to produce up to 6 Gin & Tonic from Icona Spirits products, all 'Made in Italy'! For those who want to learn the secrets to make a great cocktail, just scan the QR Code included in the box to get the recipe!


  • 2 Bottles of Tonic Water
  • 1 Bottle of Gin Distilled 'Estasi' - 20 cl
  • 1 Jigger




20 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Icona Spirits was created to promote Made in Italy alcoholic excellence, select and promote the work of the best distillers and producers in the country. Cocktail Kits represent a new way of understanding mixology at home: professional quality without the need to buy lots of expensive bottles!

"Gin&Tonic" is the kit prepared by Icona Spirits that makes it possible to make one of the most popular aperitifs of the modern era at home in a practically professional and waste-free way: the recipe is rather basic, but experience tells how it is always necessary to know how to dose the ingredients precisely to achieve a level result. And, of course, the materials used must be of superior quality: premium, say the Anglo-Saxons. "Estasi" is a Distilled Gin elaborated on an exclusive recipe, infused and distilled by master distiller Alessandro, one of the top experts in the Italian liquor art and current owner, together with his sister Lorenza, of the family business Genziana Distillati, of the slopes of Monte Grappa. The inescapable juniper berries are accompanied by exotic Timor pepper, Lahara orange, ginger and chamomile flower. Juniper accompanies through a rounded sensation the other botanicals, expressing itself in spicy notes of Mediterranean impact, from which the scent of orange essential oil emerges suave and penetrating. A pleasant and refreshing coolness is ensured by a sugar level contained within 4 grams per litre. "Imperdible Dry Bitter Tonic," on the other hand, is the chosen accompanying tonic made on Italian soil.

The "Gin&Tonic Starter Cocktail Kit" branded by Icona Spirits is dedicated to enthusiasts and the curious in the world of mixology, aiming to provide everything needed in the right proportions to create the perfect Gin Tonic. It consists of 1 bottle of 200 millilitres of Gin Estasi, 2 small bottles of Superior Tonic Water and 1 professional jigger to dose liquid quantities perfectly. Everything is placed in the essential cardboard box, custom shaped and with Scandinavian design lines, ready to be used to prepare 6 Gin Tonic. The only thing missing is the ice!